Website Design and Implementation

A client knows exactly what website they want... until they have to describe it to the builder. I like to gather basic requirements and samples of sites similar to the intended design. I use frameworks to get "something" up quickly as I've found that "designing" the perfect site is a process with no end. I use freelance resources for the visual "heavy lifting", but I can do much on my own. Hey, this joint ain't so bad, right?

Database Design & Implementation

I get it, databases are tough. I design plenty of them from scratch using careful analysis and ER models. But if you're looking for help with existing design changes, stored procedures, replication, performance/bottleneck analysis, query design/revisions, normalization, or something else, this is the place. I play well with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, and yes, <gasp> Microsoft Access.

Data Extraction and Transformation

So, you have a PDF, a huge XML file, a legacy or proprietary database, or a website to scrape that contains luscious data that you simply must possess? I have the expertise and the tools to decompose the native structure and transform it into whatever output format you require. Want it back as an Excel spreadsheet, XML, JSON, database inserts, or whatever? I'll build you an automated process that can doo all of that, and more.

Third Party API Integration

Who doesn't love a good API? Ok, since you're reading this, you might not. In that case, I've got you covered. I've deployed hundreds of integrations to third parties for ecommerce platforms, cloud provisioning, document generation, you name it. I've used XML, SOAP, REST and everything in between.

Professional Linux/Unix Support

Windows are for defenestration. I live in the Linux world, and have tons of experience with the other "*nixes". I support dozens of production systems, many of which stay up and running for years at a time. If you're having trouble with upgrades, configuration updates, or deployment and management, I guarantee I can help.

Network Engineering Support

Need that router upgraded? A new VPN to the remote office in the Bahamas (why? they're not like in the office anyway)? Configuration support for routers, switches, wireless access points, and firewalls from various vendors? Been there, done that. Anything layer 2/3, and I'm all over it. I trade in more than just buzzwords, trust me.

Yeah, I also fix "Busted Stuff". Lots.

What? It worked fine yesterday, but now it's busted? I can help. With what I've seen over the years, my troubleshooting is intuitive and the speed with which you'll be back up will sometimes shock you. So, reach out... spare the Moose.