Randall Menefee - Principal Consultant

Highly skilled and accomplished engineer with 30+ years of success leading the design, development, implementation, and support of cutting-edge enterprise networks and software products.


30 years is a long time. Seriously. In that time I've held both staff and executive positions, performed high level consulting engagements in such diverse industries as banking, distribution, transportation, telecommunications, and at enterprise software companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 members.


My primary skill is the ability to see any challenge or problem through the lens of my experience, which has shown consistently that while there's usually a million* ways to do any one thing in technology, broad expertise and intuition always provide the illumination necessary to move forward on a path to success. *Roughly.


I'm agnostic when it comes to tools. I resist all calls to "specialization" and embrace the freedom of a "generalist" with more tools at my disposal. I've found that overreliance on specific tools or methods can endanger project success. No matter how good any particular widget is, it can't do everything, at least not without Herculean effort.


Eye of the beholder, right? Well, if repeat or long-term engagements are any indicator, the results are pretty good. Probably because I never quit until the client is completely satisfied, and I won't take a gig I don't think is feasible, either technically or economically. I focus on setting realistic expectations, and then strive to exceed them.